Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring time!

I haven't posted in a while, so here's an update on the fabulous lives of Chris and Hillary.
 Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

Spring time in South Texas can start as early as the beginning of February, but like in the rest of the country, this year the cold just kept coming. I don't mind mostly, since I'd rather work outside when it's cold, although I love the colors of spring.

Anyway, we've been busting our butts planting olive trees. We cleared half of the olive orchard of mesquite and huisache, burned the piles, dug holes for plants, planted them next to pipe supports, then ran the irrigation lines. I feel like we've been planting olives forever. We only have one more flat (18 plants) to plant tomorrow and then we're done!

Labyrinth at the B&B
Thanks to my parents, last week we were able to take a break from the ranch to fly up to New Mexico with my family and go skiing. We stayed at a unique bed and breakfast in Taos and spent our days up at the Taos Ski Valley. The snow was pretty good for spring time in not-Utah. The most exciting part of the trip for me was when I realized that the ski boots that I've had for the last four years hurt my legs so bad because they're too big (I thought it was really counterintuitive, but I moved a half size down, and voila! No more too-tight boots, no more bruised shins!). Chris said the most excited part of the trip for him was when he realized that he actually CAN ski. He didn't grow up going to the ski resort for a week every year like I did, but by the end of the trip he was heading down some blacks and navigating moguls, which is saying a lot, especially at Taos.

Dad tried to spray TC and they both ended up on the ground
We got back on Friday, and this week we've been back to planting olives. The main thing that makes this week different from all the other weeks we've been here is that my dog, Snickers, came with us! She is having fun wearing herself out chasing the golf cart and trying to be friends with (read: chasing) the cats.

She's learning not to go near the cats, though. Snickers has been around cats forever, and she knows what hissing means. But the other day Big Cat, also known as Al Capone or Tweedle Dum, showed her that cats can be manipulative and mean. The cat walked over to where Snickers could sniff him, waited a couple of seconds, then scratched her on the nose without warning. Snickers bled. Just another reason I like dogs better. Before, I kept Snickers on a leash whenever we were near the cats, but now I let her off and don't care if she terrorizes Big Cat. He deserves it.
Snickerdoodles, Smooth Collie and Best Dog Ever Award winner 12 years and running