Thursday, May 17, 2012


Updates are scarce because there is rarely anything an audience would want to read about. Not saying that there's nothing interesting going on in life, though.

A few highlights from the last few weeks: 

1. My third job ended last Monday. It's either famine or flood as far as work goes. Now I feel like I hardly work at all. But I've managed to save enough so that I won't have to take out loans for two quarters of grad school, if I use my AmeriCorps money. 

2. We attended Jon and Lauren Van Keulen's wedding a few weekends ago. It was beautiful! The reception was in a revamped barn. Here's a pic of the wedding party. Note Chris on the left. :)

3. We participated in the 5/3 Riverbank Run last Saturday. It's a 25k. Chris ran a half-marathon before he started walking, and I ran eight miles. Pretty good considering we've both been too busy to properly train. 

4. Chris is still looking for work out in Bellingham. Last night he was offered an AmeriCorps position where we met as a wilderness ranger. While that sounds pretty cool, the cons outweighed the pros for him. Right now our plan is for him to road trip out with me and look for work, and if he can't find anything in a month, he'll head back to Michigan to work with Jon (the groom, above) and Mark (our roommate). We leave on the 5th!

5. I am officially registered for classes this summer. 

6. I'm heading home to Texas next weekend! Hooray!

I'm excited to start updating this during the summer and have amazing pictures of my new home to show everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hoffmaster State Park

Chris and I headed off for a day trip to Hoffmaster State Park this last weekend. It was pretty cool! The skies were slightly misty and there was hardly any wind on the beach - it was actually a little unsettling. It felt like in movies when a character almost dies but instead he is in a sort of limbo where he realizes he doesn't want to die yet. I'm thinking of Harry Potter of course.

This was in between the golf course parking lot we parked in to save ourselves $8 and the park.

Running down the dune face


Chris was playing paparazzi

View to the lake from something labeled a mountain (scoff!)
I'm really missing real mountains, though.

In other news, three weeks until I get to visit my family in Texas. That means three whole days off! Speaking of days off - soon I will not have to go to my silly night job anymore, and then I'll be able to cook real meals and eat them at home again!

And speaking of my night job, here's what I do, and pretty much how I feel about it:
Inside the multi-million dollar essay-scoring business